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On The Road To Paia

New mix featuring Kai Chin on vocals

By Mark T. Hanson.  Copyright 2006 Mark T. Hanson.  Still in progress, more to come.

Vocals:  Kai CHin

Guitars/Programminng:  Mark T. Hanson


New mix featuring Stephen Gasperetti on vocals

By Mark T. Hanson.  Copyright 2006 Mark T. Hanson.  This is a new version in the works. 

Vocals:  Stephen Gasperetti

12 String Guitar/Drum Programminng:  Mark T. Hanson


A Sleep Till Noon Band original, written by Michael Clune.  Copyright 2007Clune Brothers Music.

Vocals/Guitar:  Michael Clune

Guitars:  Mark T. Hanson

Bass:  Peter Johnsen

Drums:  Bryan DeHart

Anderson Amp Samples

I had a request to post some samples of my Anderson Amp.  Here they are.

Marvelous Marvin

This is the Edmonds Community College Jazz Combo in their award winning performance at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, February 21st, 2008, at the University of Idaho.  The combo consists of:

Saxophone:  Jesse Nofziger

Trumpet:  Eric Jellison

Piano:  Ashley Webster

Drums:  Chris Sooter

Bass:  Jorge Vasquez

Guitar:  Mark Hanson

Samples from "Love Is The Word: Jazz Under A Seattle Skyline"

Malaguka James Howard

Summer Night Gary Reems

Won't Stop Vanessa Love

Gospobottumus Walter Finch

Love Is The Word Testamony

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel Erik Likkel and Michael Cox * 

You Are So Beautiful Nancy Erickson

Song For David EJ John Erickson

All Honour Lee Coward *

Thank You Lord Elizabeth Jarvie *

I'm Going Away Jay Thomas

*Recorded at Playpen Studio.



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