Anderson Amp Samples

I had a request to post some audio samples of my Anderson Amp, so here they are.  These are samples of guitar tracks from the song "Senses".  They were recorded using a G&L Comanche guitar and an Anderson 20/40/45 1-12" combo amp with a 12" Weber AlNiCo Blue Dog speaker.  A Shure SM57 mic was used about 4" from the grill.  Click on the title to play the sample.


This is the full song, same as on the main Multimedia page.  The rhythm track that I played is on the right channel.  (The left channel rhythm was played by Michael Clune.)

Senses Rhythm - Clean Channel

I think I used the neck & middle pickups for this sample.

Senses Lead - Gain Channel

I think I used the middle and bridge pickups for the solo.

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